ZETTLER Magnetics provides an Encapsulated Power Transformer for a residential security application Update: 2018-04-05 Source:ZETTLER

Application Spotlight February 2018

The Design
febapp-300x300.jpgApplication solutions for residential security systems require highly reliable,low-frequency power transformers with UL recognition. At the same time, the price competitive nature of the residential security business also dictates the need forlow cost solutions. A leading manufacturer of home security systems recently put these requirements to the ZETTLER Magnetics engineering team. In addition, the customer also demanded a transformer in a compact size and with excellent heat dissipation to accommodate the sleek and modern design of the control panel of the application.
ZETTLER’S 1.5VA BV series encapsulated transformer seamlessly met all these requirements while costing less than an electrically equivalent laminated transformer.

About the transformer
BV.jpgZETTLER’S versatile BV series of encapsulated transformers are less expensive than traditional laminated transformers while providing better performance… the best of both worlds! Encapsulating the transformer in epoxy improves isolation and heat dissipation, which allows for a smaller package size that still meets UL’s stringent class II standards. Suitable for a wide range
of industrial control applications ZETTLER’s BV series  is available in 115V or 230V inputs and from 0.35VA to 10VA. ZETTLER builds the BV series, at our factory in Southern China, on automated production lines which ensure consistent quality at a very competitive price.

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