ZETTLER Displays provides 10.1 inch TFT solution for Industrial Touchpanel Controls Update: 2018/01/28 Source:ZETTLER

Application Spotlight January 2018

33.pngReliable and cost effective TFT displays for industrial controls applications continue to be in high demand.

Recently, a leading developer and manufacturer in this space collaborated with the ZETTLER engineering team to find an appropriate and customized display solution. Our ATM1010L21-CT2, a 10.1″ module with 350 nits and a robust life expectancy of 20,000 hours became the obvious choice for this industrial application.

The product features superior 1024×600 resolution and 600 contrast, along with a capacitive touch screen and LVDS interface. In addition, ZETTLER customized the glass cover to customer specifications, and delivers the product ready and prepared for a IP65 enclosure.

ZETTLER continues to work closely with customers from many industries and application areas to provide fast, cost effective and customized solutions to their industrial display requirements.

Datasheet for base display with projective capacitive (p-cap) touch panel: ATM1010L21-CT2
Datasheet for base display with no touch panel: ATM1010L21

The IP65 feature is a value added service, which can be added to the display.

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