ZETTLER Displays provides Medical Grade TFT LCD Solution for Blood Pressure Measurement Device Update: 2018/04/12 Source:ZETTLER

Application Spotlight June 2018

The Design

22.pngZETTLER helped a leading medical device manufacturer design in an energy efficient 7.0″ LCD display for their blood pressure measurement unit. The ATM0700D38B, is an 800 x 480 RGB, 24-bit LCD that utilizes an integrated DC to DC converter on the FPC, allowing a user to interface to the graphics driver with only 40 pins as opposed to the traditional 50 pin set up for 7.0″ TTL modules. 

Supporting the Medical Application Market
Many medical applications require sustainability and long product lifecycles. ZETTLER supports the medical application market by offering a reliable and stable product that can be supported for up to 7 years. ZETTLER also offers extensive value-add options, including optical bonding, strengthened cover glass, gaskets and sealants (to consider IP ratings and fluid ingress), silk printing, discrete touch buttons, and more.

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