ZETTLER Displays releases new 7” TFT UART module Update: 2023/1/4 Source:赛特勒

ZETTLER DISPLAYS announces the introduction of new series of 7” UART modules ATM0700U3-CT(Capacitive touch control) and ATM0700U3-T(Resistance touch control).

By using the highly integrated MCU and software, the new display modules have advantages as features below:

1.      7” TFT display ( 800*480 resolution) with options of Capacitive touch panel or Resistance touch panel

2.      1G bit integrated flash memory which can be used as UI and font memory

3.      TTL/RS232 voltage level optional

4.      Integrated audio circuit

5.      Integrated RTC

6.      Advanced firmware which can use UART port to control UI widget and draw geometric figures

7.      PC software to simplify the UI development

8.      Firmware can be updated via TF card


Sample of ATM0700U3-CT (capacitive touch control) now is available for customer test. And please refer to product specifications for more details on the optical characteristics, mechanical dimensions and other info.

For sample test and customized UART LCM, please contact us at sales@zettlercn.com.

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