ZETTLER Magnetics expands range of Ultrawide input Power Modules Update: 2020/12/13 Source:赛特勒

Driven by burgeoning indoor and outdoor applications in IoT (Industrial Internet of Things), and following an earlier spotlight on components for 480VAC applications,  ZETTLER Magnetics is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of Ultrawide input Power Modules.

The HPI10 series of Plug & Play 10W Power Modules support input requirements from 90-528VAC with various industry standard regulated outputs from 5VDC to 24VDC.

Designed to operate from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius, the 10W series offers the industry's smallest footprint while meeting the requirements of UL 62368-1 safety standards.     


Recognizing the proliferation of high performance wireless communications in the target applications, the base of ZETTLER's HPI10 Power Modules integrates a shield allowing system designers to easily implement a 6-sided shielded solution. The optional cover shield helps prevent noise from the power supply interfering with sensitive communications receivers e.g. Cellular, Wi-Fi etc.

ZETTLER's range of Power Modules are designed with the smart city revolution in mind. From lighting, building management systems and energy measurement to EV charging and consumer products, these modules are the ideal solution.

ZETTLER Magnetics' Engineering team continues to push the boundaries of innovation, providing technical solutions to customer's needs. For any of your magnetics, transformer or modular solution requirements please visit www.zettlercn.com or contact us at sales@zettlercn.com


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