Zettler Displays supports Thermostat Display Industry with wide array of custom solutions Update: 2020/12/4 Source:赛特勒

Zettler Displays continues to expand its share in LCD display modules catering to the ever -growing market of residential and commercial thermostat control units. From low-cost basic function thermostats (custom glass with backlight) to smart home (Wi-Fi) systems (IPS LCD modules w/ PCAP touch), Zettler Displays continues to successfully support multiple key players in the industry with highly customized solutions.  

Zettler Displays has been able to provide display solutions for thermostat units – both in commercial segments such as restaurants, hotels, and offices, as well as in home applications. 

Our ability to support solutions ranging from low-volume custom modules for luxury hotels (500 units) to low-cost “contractor friendly” solutions (1M+ units) has enabled us to develop a broad customer list of manufacturers in the industry. 

With short design, tooling, and production lead times, we can keep our partners ahead of the competition with new and exciting designs, tailored to specific target audiences. 

We also provide flexible added-value solutions beyond the product itself, such as our capability to directly drop-ship to CM locations all over the world from our Far-East factory. This helps customers to maintain a streamlined supply-chain, swift production cycles and lower logistics costs.

Recently we worked with a leading manufacturer in the "smart" market space to implement a modular style solution in which our 4.3", 5.0", and 7.0" displays were all interchangeable. This customer wanted to offer three different solutions to the market without having to design individual controller boards. By ensuring the resolutions, backlight driving conditions, and interface were all identical, the customer was able to use the same software and hardware (PCBA), with only a difference in the enclosure plastics to consider. This enabled the customer to maintain a competitive edge in the market by having lower BOM costs by using the same components across the different models. 

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