Zettler SPI-interface High Contrast Display module ATM2412BS Release Update: 2020/5/18 Source:ZETTLER

DISPLAY.jpgZETTLER Displays has released SPI interface High Contrast (HC) Graphic Display Module  ATM2412BS series which is a further design based on ZETTLER patented High Contrast (HC) Display product ATM2412B/BA series. Besides all the features of ATM2412B/BA series, this product adopts SPI interface which can greatly save user’s MCU resource. Traditional 240*128 mono products require 15 MCU GPIOs while ATM2412BS series require only 5 GPIOs. Furthermore, ATM2412BSintegrates more functions into this SPI interface, now user can control font/column setting via SPI interface. And user can even change the font/background color and control the backlight brightness via this SPI interface without consuming extra hardware/software resource on their main board.

Samples of ATM2412BS are available for customer test. The sample is based on ATM2412B/BA series, which shares the same optical characteristics and mechanical dimensions. For more details please refer to product specification.

You can also click here to learn more about Zettler HC display modules and example of case for application.

For samples and customized SPI interface HC products, please contact us at sales@zettlercn.com.

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