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With UL Class 2, CE and 115/230VAC input capabilities the AHI series is often referred to as the “international transformer”. Inherently limited and with a 4200Vrms dielectric strength, between primary and secondary, this series is designed for the most demanding applications.

Key Benefits

  • 115/230VAC input capability depending on wiring schematic.

  • Specially designed bobbin wall slots eliminates all wire crossovers.

  • Dual bobbin non-concentric design reduces capacitances and eliminates the need for an electrostatic shield.

  • Precision pin alignment for easy drop-in application.

Key Features

  • 50/60Hz

  • UL recognized Class 2/3 (UL 5085-1 & -3) File No. E214561

  • Class B (130°C) Insulation system.

  • Built to meet requirements of IEC EN61558-1 & VDE safety standards.

  • Insulating shroud provides 4200 Vrms Hi-POT dielectric strength.

  • Bobbin and shroud material meet UL 94V-O flammability requirements.

Series EI41-2.5VA Laminated transformer
Outline Dimension(LxWxH) 41.5x37.0x29.5mm
Certificates UL
Datasheet EI41 AHI025系列
Series EI41-5.0VA Laminated transformer
Outline Dimension(LxWxH) 41.5x37.0x35.6mm
Certificates UL
Datasheet EI41 AHI050系列
Series EI48-10VA Laminated transformer
Outline Dimension(LxWxH) 48.5x41.0x36.5mm
Certificates UL
Datasheet EI48 AHI010系列