New Energy Relay

As the deployment of Solar, Electro mobility and other alternative energy technologies continues to grow globally, ZETTLER NEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS division is committed to supporting customers in renewable energy industries around the world, with first-class engineering and by leveraging ZETTLER Group’s worldwide production and distribution resources.

ZETTLER's industry-leading electromechanical components are designed for use in solar inverters, electric vehicle charging devices, or any similar applications requiring high loads to be switched and carried.

We continue to be actively engaged in developing next-generation components for future PV/Solar, e-mobility and other alternative energy applications to solidify and expand our market leadership in these important high-growth product segments.
  • Solar Relays

    Solar Relays

  • EV Relays

    EV Relays

  • Solutions For Solar  PV Inverters

    Solutions For Solar PV Inverters

  • Solutions For E-mobility Demands

    Solutions For E-mobility Demands