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LED Displays

LED Displays

LED Display Modules use LED chip as a light source, through the designed reflective housing for light guide, to display a variety of specific numerals (segment), characters and graphics patterns pre-set on silk-print film or cover. LED Display Modules are widely used in the market, especiallyin home appliance industry.


  • Simpler structure with high reliability and lower cost

  • Higher brightness and contrast/ Wide view angle

  • Multi light color options available (White/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green or Mixed)

  • Flexible for customized design (Segment and Graphic silk print)

  • Low current operation

  • Operating temperature: -30~80℃/Storage temperature: -35~85℃

  • Static /Dynamic (scan) driving method

  • Time limit during Wave soldering: ≤ 5 seconds at 260 (±5)℃ Lead Free

  • Display control board integration option available


LED Display Module Structure (with Epoxy)


LED Display Module Structure (Non Epoxy)


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