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Custom Design

Custom Design

ZETTLER DISPLAYS custom designs and produces display products of :

Custom Design TFT

  • Based on the standard TFT module, we can further provide customized solution for FPC/ backlight/ touch panel/cover glass /silk print /interface and PCBA servicetouch screen can be customized to meet the requirements ofcustomer specific product structure and photoelectric performance requirements. And we can also prov.


Custom Design LCD

  • Low cost - Price of custom LCD  is cheaper than TFT solution.

  • Flexible dimensions -The size range for custom LCD is more flexible, with diagonal dimensions ranging from 1.5 "to 10".

  • Display type option - Different display types are available, such as TN,HTN,STN,FSTN and VA(BTN) .


  • Connection mode - PIN or zebra strip (conductive adhesive strip)


  • Quick mold opening -- After the customer provides the demand to us, the solution can be provided to the customer within 1~2 days. After the customer confirms the drawing, the sample product can be finished within 4 weeks.

     1. Provide design drawings for 1-2 days

        2. Samples ~ 4-5 weeks

        3. Batch production cycle ~ 8-10 weeks

        4. The total time is ~ 12-15 weeks


  • Side-lit and bottom-lit design available

  • SMT and DIP LEDs available

  • White/blue/red Single color available (other colors as option per requirement)

  • Multi-color backlight available

  • Customized light guide shape available


Other customized products

  • In addition to custom LCD and backlight and standard monochrome module, COB/COG type segment code/character/graphics monochrome liquid crystal module can also be customized.

  • Custom design of serial interface TFT module for different sizes and connections 

  • Based on the High Contrast Graphics Modules,  customized PCBA is available to meet different interface requirements.

  • Customized LED display module.

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