Update: 2017-09-4 Source:ZETTLER Ferrite Transformer by ZETTLER Magnetics used in Home Appliance, Stove Top-Control Application

Application Spotlight September 2017

The Design
touchoven-462x300.jpgA leading home appliance manufacturer required a small, UL ready transformer for a next generation stove-top that would replace the rotary dials with a sleek touch-panel control that met their energy efficiency target. The customer’s “wish list” included a compact mechanical package, energy efficiency, universal input voltage capability and all at a low price point.
Established in the early 1900’s, the customer is one of America’s most recognized and trusted appliance manufactures, who still assembles over 70% of their products in the USA.

About the ZETTLER transformer
amxc-506-300x174.jpgTo meet the customer’s requirements, ZETTLER designed a high frequency ferrite transformer, also know as flyback or switch mode transformer. This style of transformer offers energy efficiency with a wide 90-264VAC input voltage range. The design was packaged in a compact E13 bobbin, with careful attention paid to UL spacing, creepage and material requirements.

ZETTLER Magnetics is able to quote most ferrite transformer customizations in 2 to 3 days, and provide samples in 10 to 12 days. We build our ferrite transformers in our industry leading, fully automated production facility in Xiamen, China, delivering consistently high quality at a competitive price.

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