Update: 2018-06-14 Source:ZETTLER ZETTLER Displays provides display solutions to the Solar Inverter Application

Application Spotlight, June 2018


Growing applications in solar energy technologies are creating increasing demand for appropriate display solutions in photovoltaic inverters.

In addition to meeting stringent quality requirements to withstand the effects of high temperature and high humidity exposure, in many instances it is also necessary to integrate with “smart” functions of the inverter application, allowing review of control system performance status either on the displays module itself, or on remote devices (e.g. APP on smart phone).

In the recent SNEC PV Power Expo (Shanghai 2018), ZETTLER Displays has presented a series of display products that have been widely adopted by leading PV inverter manufacturers, with various technologies to meet the different needs of photovoltaic inverters.

Zettler Displays MONO LCD MODULE small size series: ACM1602 series(Viewing area: 64.5X16.4mm) and ACM2004D series (Viewing area: 76X25.2mm) meet the requirements of small display screen, low cost and robust. Both of products meet 85/85 (85℃ /85% humidity) 1000 Hour test conditions.


Zettler Displays MONO LCD MODULE AQM2416 series ((Viewing area: 78.5X46.5mm, meet the 85/85 1000Hour test conditions) and TFT MODULE ATM0700D series ((Active area 154.08 x 85.92mm) are large screen, available in color, displays modules enabling t daily real-time power generation data and make smart operational controls on the inverters.


ZETTLER Displays provides products and solutions can serve different requirements for photovoltaic inverters, including the customized designs and solutions (size, color, interface, language text and electrical performance) for existing and future Solar energy markets

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