• LCD Modules
  • LCD Modules

As a leading developer, we manufacture and market a broad line of LCD modules, LED displays, Backlights and Customized Display Solutions. Our top-quality display components cover TFT module, Monochrome Graphic and Character LCD modules (TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, BTN/VA LCD) and LED diplays. And we also offer various Customized Displays Solutions for your specific applications.

With a global customers coverage, especially in North America and Europe, our products are widely adopted in the industries of Communications, Medical, Financial, Security, CNC, Power, Automotive , Meters and Home appiances.

We are equiped with veteran and professional engineering team, successful operation management experience and sophisticated quality assurance process integrated under ISO 9001. Meanwhile, our large-scale and comprehensive laboratory in Xiamen can offer effective evaluation and guarantee for quality reliability of products. 

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