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Innovative FSLCD module Release


XIAMEN ZETTLER ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. announced today the introduction of FSLCD module.By using the RGB tricolor backlight and fast response TN LCD, we actualize 7-color display. Here are the features of the LCM:

1. 7 color: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink and black with white background,it’s totally different from silkscreen LCD, color of any segment is changeable;
2. Wide viewing angle: More than 140º;
3. Low power consumption;
4. Easy control (8080 4-bit interface);
Samples of AQM04F-MLT-TTW (FSLCD Module) are available for customer test. The optical characteristics and mechanical dimensions and other details please refer to product specification(http://www.zettlercn.com/customer_design-51-en.html).
For sample test and customized FSLCD LCM, please contact our sales.

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