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ATM3224D Series HC module to replace 320*240 STN module


ATM3224D Series HC module to replace 320*240 STN module

Xiamen, China. Jan 4,2015 – Xiamen Zettler Electronics Co., LTD,

A display solution provider, has introduced its newest product, the ATM3224D series mono TFT display.

ATM3224D is a 5.6" 320*240 mono graphic LCD module, which adopts S1D1335/RA8835/UCi8835 as the controller, but it\'s not just a mono LCD module.

The new display adopts advanced technology to bring TFT technology to mono world, this will allow customer to get ultra high contrast, nearly free viewing angle, better high temperature and low temperature performance with least cost increase. 

Moreover, as it still uses mono LCD controller, customer doesn\'t need to change any software.

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